About us

The Artisan Co, stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in an industry we are deeply passionate about. We specialize in the construction of complex commercial landscapes, leveraging a formidable management team and unmatched business systems that ensure consistency in our deliverables.
Our Philosophy

We are a dynamic team of dedicated professionals committed to providing exceptional, friendly service. Our focused expansion ensures consistently high standards. Striving for excellence, we aim to excel in every facet of our business.

Who are we

Our Values


We embrace change, continuously evolve, and optimize our skills and practices, staying agile and open to improvement as.


We uphold fairness, safety, and transparency while maintaining a high standard of professionalism, ensuring.


We aim for financial stability and growth, enabling responsible decision-making and internal accountability, fostering a culture.


We deliver exceptional work by continuously improving and addressing challenges with a solution-oriented.

What we do

We are a professional project management team that combines in-house and partnering Artisan’s to deliver large complex landscapes, sporting grounds, playgrounds and public open spaces.

Our strategic revenue goals serve as a guide to prevent overextension of our time and resources. This strategy allows us to allocate ample time to pre-planning and servicing of awarded contracts, ensuring each project receives our full attention and dedication.

We prioritize the health, wellbeing, and career progression of our staff, understanding that a healthy, productive, and content workforce ultimately translates to superior outcomes for our clients and landscape architects.

Delivery Methodology

Our contract delivery process, while intricate, is systematically managed and well-understood by our competent team of managers. Upon project award, our approach encompasses a broad spectrum of essential elements, including:

Comprehensive review of contract documentation

Nomination and communication with the designated project team and superintendent

Design - BuildStrategic long-lead procurement

Provision of certified drawings as necessary

Detailed safety management planning

Execution of structural engineering tasks and liaison with local authority for necessary applications

Scheduling and programming

Organization of team orientation meetings and site visits prior to mobilization

Implementation of robust safety measures

Management of the construction period with a comprehensive plan and meticulous procedures

Preparation and delivery of handover documentation, warranties, and client training as required.

Provision of aftercare and maintenance services as necessary