Parliament Place

The Parliament Place landscape project is a comprehensive endeavor aimed at enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of the area. The scope involves the construction of raised planter beds, adding a layered and visually dynamic element to the space. Addressing drainage system requirements is crucial for ensuring proper water management, contributing to the longevity of the landscape features. Significant quantities of soils are strategically incorporated to support the diverse planting elements. Gravel mulches not only provide a decorative touch but also aid in moisture retention and weed control. The design and construction of an irrigation system further contribute to the sustainability of the greenery throughout the area.

Parliament Scope

Construction of Raised Planter Beds

Drainage System Requirements

Significant Quantities of Soils

Design & Construct Irrigation System

Detailed Planting of Trees & Plants Throughout

Comprehensive Maintenance Program

Turf Regeneration to Verges

Paving Rectification Scope